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Solve your home or business electronic waste clutter with our simple and convenient E-Waste Recycling Boxes.

MEDIUM BOX DIMENSIONS | 500 x 400 x 300

How does it work? 

Simply order your E-Waste Box online, and it will arrive to your home flatpacked within the week. Construct and fill your box with your desired e-waste and return to us within 4 weeks using the return courier ticket included. Return shipping instructions can be found on the side of your box!

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Medium boxes are ideal for...

- Phones & Tablets
- Small Laptops
- Cameras & Projectors
- Cables
- Headphones & Audio Equipment 
- USBs


The boxes are shipped flat directly to you with a return courier label included. You assemble, fill with your unwanted electronic or IT equipment, and return your box whenever is convenient for you with a simple booking system through NZ Post.


MEDIUM BOX DIMENSIONS | 500 x 400 x 300

Medium Box

Medium Box


One-off recycling made easy

One-off electronic recycling made available through our E-Waste Recycling Boxes ensures you have a sustainable solution for your e-waste clutter. A simple, efficient & contactless way to clear out your old electronics, ensuring they don’t end up in landfill.

What we accept

We accept almost all electronic gear – pretty much anything with a plug!

- Phones

- Tablets & Small Devices

- Computers & Monitors

- Laptops

- Routers & Modems

- Keyboards & Mice

- Servers 


- Cameras & Audio Equipment

- Wiring & Cabling

- Mainframe Circuit Boards

- Household appliances – Toasters, Microwaves etc. 

Outstanding service!

Computer Recycling provide an outstanding service, thus allowing our business to be more sustainable. They make it hassle-free for us to recycle all of our IT Equipment which is no longer required.

— Alex Sullivan, General Manager – Alround

Always reliable!

We have been using Computer Recycling for the destruction of our old servers for the last few years. They help us to securely get rid of our old hardware & data without any trouble

— Henrich Dippenaar, Systems Engineer – Health Alliance